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Stormwatch was a United Nations-sponsored superhero organization controlled by the Weatherman. Stormwatch is an ancient clandestine society that has been defending the Earth from the otherworldly threats for centuries.

Backlash – John Slattery

Marc Slayton was born in Atlantis about three thousand years ago, the son of a human mother and Lord S’ylton, an enhanced Kherubim lord of the alien colony Atlantis. When his father sacrifices his life to imprison one-time allies the D’rahn, a race of hostile aliens whose attack leads to the sinking of Atlantis, young Marc is spirited away by Ferrian, his father’s former advisor. Ferrian raises the child to adulthood, tutoring him in fighting skills for his protection. Once Marc is old enough to look after himself, Ferrian drops out of sight and leaves him to fend for himself.

Taboo – Karen Gillan


Born in Queens, New York, Amanda Reed’s mother died when she was still young. Her father was a substance abuser and was often violent towards Amanda. When she was seventeen years old, Amanda was a prostitute, living on the streets, until she was recruited for the Daemonite organisation known as the Cabal. She was bonded to a symbiote that could form a bio-metallic suit around her and became Taboo. The symbiote had vampiric tendencies though and often Taboo would find herself overcome with bloodlust in battle. She was framed for murder when she wanted to leave the organisation and sent to Purgatory Max, a special prison for super-powered beings in the Arctics.

Henry Bendix – Patrick Stewart

Henry Bendix’s past remains fairly muddled, partly because of the existence of an alternate Bendix who has been known to pose as the original. He grew up in Maladyville, Mississippi, raised by his abusive, alcoholic father. It appears that his father more than once killed a girlfriend during a drunken rage.[1] Even as a child, Henry was extremely intelligent, designing the bodily enhancements that eventually led to the creation of the superheroes Midnighter and Apollo while still a child. Henry’s diary from this time would mention that he had been contacted by the alien Weavers, who showed him the future. Young Henry was shocked to find out that he would become a villain, but the Weavers told him that till then he could be a hero. Henry killed his father with a self-built energy weapon in order to save his father’s girlfriend, Delia.

Jackson King – Terry Crews

Jackson King was the son of Isaiah King, a former member of Team One. Isaiah King was exposed to the radiation of a special comet that passed close to Earth. Many who were exposed to this comet became superhuman and were known as “Comet Enhanciles” or “Seedlings”. Isaiah and his team were on a satellite the moment the comet passed and therefore were closer to it and became stronger than any other comet-enhanciles. Isaiah’s children, Jackson and Malcolm inherited his powers. The process slowly drove Isaiah and his team mad though and he took the name Despot with his team becoming the WarGuard. They were captured and Jackson spent most of his adult life trying to prove he was not like his father.

Diva – Anne Hathaway



Daughter of a famous Italian opera singer, Alessandra was gifted with the same talent as her mother. When she passed her first audition with a great opera tenor, the stress made her powers manifest and she broke all the glass in the room, sending window debris at the face of the musician rendering him blind.


Fuji – Rick Yune


The nickname Fuji was given to him in high school, because of his extraordinary size and Japanese origin. He spent some time as a Sumo wrestler in his teens but developed a strange condition which caused his body’s structure to deteriorate. His father, Yoshi Misawa, was a wealthy businessman and invested a lot of that money into curing his son but was told it was incurable. Stormwatch then stepped in to help. However, when his powers were fully activated, Fuji’s body reverted to plasma and only quick thinking by Stormwatch scientists saved his life. Now, he is unable to live outside his specially built containment suit, a fact which affects him emotionally though he often hides it behind a cheerful exterior.

Life in the suit, however, had its advantages. When asked in one issue if there were any good things about having to live that way, he replied that the random vibrations that built up within his suit gave him a sensation that was implied to be an orgasm every five minutes.

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