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E3 has come and gone. We all had games that we were hoping to see a release date for. Borderlands fans were highly disappointed when we didn’t get the launch trailer we were hoping for, and for many of us, that meant we, yet again started playing Borderlands 2. If you are anything like me you start looking for the Easter eggs you have not been able to find yet and Borderlands 2 undoubtedly has some of the most interesting Easter eggs of any game that I have ever played thus far. The creators of the Borderlands franchise put more than enough effort in making an amazing storyline, but they did not stop there. They also added more secret locations, missions, and references to some of your other favorite games and movies. That being said, here are my top 5 favorite Borderlands 2 Easter eggs of all time!

5. Dark Souls
Dark Souls is easily one of the most popular games that were released in 2011, having a rating of 9.0 on IGN, so it is easy to see why the creators of Borderlands added this to their list of Easter eggs. To get to this Easter egg you must first travel to the Caustic Caverns. If you want to just see the island that houses this easter egg that can be easily done during the mission “Safe and Sound”. During this mission you will fight a HUGE crystalisk names Blue, Just behind were Blue emerges you can see the tree on this island, as fun as looking at the tree is, if you are anything like me you will want to actually walk on the island, to do that you will need an ample amount of health and shield as the island is surrounded by caustic lake. Once you make past the deadly lake there will be a single tree on the island, along with this tree there is also a single figure named Solitaire. This is a reference to Solaire of Astora from the Dark Souls. There is also a campfire that has a sword in it. Occasionally the sword will be glowing brightly. At the base of sword there are three stones, and every once in a while you can see a soul of a knight setting on one of the three stones. On top of all the visual references from the game, you will also get 5 badass points from completing the challenge “I Bet I Can Make It”.

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4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
“This mission has it all: violence, AND pizza.”
You can see this easter egg after you accept the mission Splinter group from Tannis in Sanctuary. Once you select the mission head over to Moxxi’s bar and pick up the pizzas. With pizza in hand (inventory), fast travel to the Bloodshot Stronghold. Once you find your way to the buzzer outside of their hideout and you are buzzed in you will place the pizza on a table in the very center of the room. Once the pizza is placed the Splinter Group will spawn one by one and will flee once you damage about 50% of their health. There are four enemies in the Splinter group, Dan, Lee, Ralph, and Mick. On top of the pizza and names, they also dress in outfits that are strikingly similar to the TMNT. Lee wears a blue outfit and carries a single sword, Mick wears an orange outfit, Dan wears a purple outfit, and my favorite of this game, Ralph wears a red outfit and carries a shorter sword in each of his hands.
The fun is not over yet, once you defeat the four brothers you will proceed to a location that has a couch and a Tv there will be a few buttons, after hitting these buttons in the correct order you will spawn a man named Flinter. Flinter is a reference to the TMNTs Master Splinter. Once you defeat him he will drop a few guns, or relics, even if they aren’t the best, its a good way to get money.

There are many combinations to release Flinter but the easiest order to hit the switches is: Valve Valve Lever Tv Tv.

3. Bioshock
Who wouldn’t expect 2K to put other 2K references in their games? I certainly did, and let me tell you, My favorite game putting a reference to my second favorite game and me finding it was like my own real-life badass point!

To find this easter egg you must first have the DLC Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty. If you already have that DLC then, this Easter egg is found when completing the mission Let There Be Light. Hidden away in Magnys Lighthouse, is a very large enemy named Mr. Bubbles. Mr. Bubbles also has a fairly oversized drill for a hand. On top of Mr. Bubbles, there is also a smaller enemy named Lil Sis.

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2. Michael Mamaril
Michael Mamaril was a huge fan of the Borderlands franchise. Sadly Michael passed away at the young age of 22 from a long battle with cancer. To pay tribute to the amazing person that Michael was Gearbox immortalized him as an NPC vault hunter who randomly spawns in certain areas in sanctuary. You do not need any special leveling or DLC to find this Easter egg, Michael simply starts spawning randomly the moment you step virtual foot in Sanctuary.

If you are ever lucky enough to find Michael Mamaril he will give you a blue weapon or item that is scaled to your character current level. You can find him more than once and get new items simply by leaving sanctuary and traveling back when he spawns back that is. On top of the guns that you get from him, the first time you find him and speak to him you will also get the achievement “Tribute to a Vault Hunter”

In the unpatched console versions, Michael had 100% spawn rate before sanctuary is relocated. His spawn rate on patched console versions, PC, and after sanctuary is relocated on unpatched console versions is 10%.

A partial list of locations you can find Michael is, inside the Crimson Raiders HQ, Zed’s Clinic, The Newsstand, Claptraps Corner, and Moxxi’s Place.

1. Minecraft
Minecraft is still one of the more popular games from the time of its release. It is ranked 56 on top grossing games and 1 on the top paid games as of March 30, 2018. Minecraft brings in a daily revenue estimate of $50,313 according to So it is no surprise that this made the top of my list!

To find the Minecraft Easter egg you must first fast travel to Caustic Caverns, but do not worry you do not need near as much health or shield for this easter egg as you needed for number 5. Once in the Caustic Caverns find and follow the train tracks as far right as you can. Once you get close to the end of the tracks you will see a few rocks that you can walk across follow them until you see an opening, there will be blocks that resemble the dirt cubed from Minecraft, then more blocks that resemble the coal ore blocks and regular stone blocks, first you must melee the blocks, once you get into the area there will be creepers that spawn, when you have successfully defeated them all a badass creeper will spawn, kill him and you will get a few random loot things, a skin, and head!

This easter egg better to do alone to assure that you get the skin and head for your character.
Also note that Gold blocks can be meleed for money, and coal for ammo.

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