Batman: Three Jokers

The ever so amazing comic book writer, producer, and screenwriter, Geoff Johns has some amazing things in the works. One of these things is Batman: Three Jokers miniseries that was announced during his panel at SDCC. In 2016 the three Jokers plot line was hinted at, since this time the plot has just been sitting and waiting to be developed, Geoff has admitted that he had tons of ideas for the series but decided that focusing on his career in DC Films would be a better choice. But much to my (and every other DC comic fan that exists) excitement he has recently decided to go back to focusing on writing comics. Which allows him to focus on the ideas that he had for the three jokers storyline. The announcement of the miniseries leaves me asking myself, what exactly do we know about the three jokers?

The first look into the possibility of three jokers was in Justice League #42. This was the second part of the Darkseid War, Batman uses the Mobius chair to get the truth about the identity of the joker, this issue left us with Batman only saying, “NO. That’s not possible.”. It wasn’t until Justice League #50 that it was revealed that there are three Jokers.

Until the miniseries comes out, we won’t know much of the background of the characters as much of the Jokers past is a mystery. But this miniseries could change the reinvent the Batman franchise and everything we see it as today, Geoff said during his panel that “by the end of this series, Bruce and Joker will have a relationship that is completely different than the one they have now.

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